Nayna’s Tofu & Kangkong Adobo Recipe – A Taste of the Philippines

tofu & kangkong adobo

Meet Traveling Spoon host Nayna. As a freelance food and travel writer, Nayna knows a lot about good food. While Nayna lives in Manila, she is also an avid traveler and adventurous eater, having grown up surrounded by the tastes and aromas of her grandmother’s kitchen. She loves experimenting with family recipes and adding new dishes to her repertoire, always ensuring that everything she prepares is made from scratch. Read on for her recipe on how to make a delicious dish of tofu & kangkong adobo, Filipino-style.

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Nayna’s Tofu & Kangkong Adobo Recipe – A Taste of the Philippines

Authentic Mexican Adobo Poblano Recipe

authentic mexican adobo poblano recipe

One of the most traditional sauces of Puebla cuisine is adobo, a rich, chili-based sauce that is different from its global adobo cousins in that it does not include any vinegar. In this recipe, our host Rocio in Puebla creates an authentic, homemade version of Mexican Chicken Adobo Poblano. Poblano cuisine is that which comes from the region of Puebla in central Mexico, and is characterized by meats often poached and braised in chili, nut and tomato-based sauces. This dish poaches chicken in aromatics and then simmers the succulent chicken in a rich sauce of chilis and tomatoes. Read on to re-create this authentic home cooked recipe yourself!

Authentic Mexican Adobo Poblano Recipe

For the adobo sauce

3 dried guajillo chiles
3 dried puya chiles
6 tomatoes, roughly chopped
2 cloves
1 cinnamon stick (Mexican canela, if available)
1 tablespoon cumin
1 clove garlic
vegetable oil as necessary
salt to taste

For the chicken

4 pieces skinless, bone-in chicken (if using large pieces cut them in half or in quarters so they cook more quickly and are easier to serve. The amount of chicken can easily be adjusted since it is poached separately from the sauce)
1 tomato, cut in half
1/2 onion
1 whole clove garlic
Few sprigs of cilantro, tied together in a bundle if desired
1 whole carrot
1 small stalk celery (optional)

Corn tortillas, to serve


To make the adobo sauce, first prepare the chiles: Heat a dry cast iron skillet or another heavy-bottomed pan over medium-high heat and carefully toast the chilies (if you have a comal from your travels to Mexico now is the time to use it!). Do not rinse the chiles prior to toasting them. As they toast, they will darken and may blister. Watch them carefully, turning often to ensure that they do not burn. Once they are toasted, cool the chiles so they can be handled and remove the seeds and stems. Quickly rinse the chiles (if necessary) to remove any dust and then soak them in a bowl of hot water until they have softened.

In a blender or food processor, combine the soaked chiles, tomatoes, cloves, cinnamon, cumin, garlic and salt to taste. Blend until it liquifies to make a smooth paste.

In a medium pan, heat vegetable oil over medium heat. Add the sauce and cook for about 5 minutes until the sauce darkens in color and the tomatoes lose their raw taste. The sauce might thicken, in which case you can thin it to the desired consistency with chicken stock or water.

Meanwhile, prepare the chicken. Put a medium saucepan over medium heat and add the chicken, carrot, onion, cilantro, garlic, celery, and salt. Cover with water and bring to a gentle simmer. Poach the chicken until it is just cooked through.

Once the chicken is cooked, remove it from the poaching liquid and add it to the adobo sauce. Cook together for a few minutes to combine the flavors. Once the chicken has absorbed some of the flavor it is ready to eat.

Serve the chicken with some of the sauce and eat with warmed corn tortillas.

authentic mexican adobo poblano recipe

View our host Rocio and book a meal with her to experience authentic home cooked Mexican cuisine on your next travels!

Authentic Mexican Adobo Poblano Recipe