Discover the homemade food of Mexico

Here are some of the best home-cooked dishes that you don’t typically find in restaurants. View our hosts below with whom you can share these authentic Mexican foods.

  1. Tinga de polloTinga de pollo

    Shredded chicken stewed in a tomato and chipotle pepper sauce

  2. Chilpachole de camarónChilpachole de camarón

    Veracruz-style seafood soup of shrimp stock and vegetables, flavored with fresh epazote

  3. Chile en nogadaChile en nogada

    Stuffed poblano chili, covered in a walnut-cream sauce and scattered with pomegranate seeds

  4. Dulce de camote con guayabaDulce de camote

    Candied sweet potatoes and guava in a caramel sauce made from piloncillo (pure, unrefined cane sugar) and scented with Mexican cinnamon and star anise

Traveling Spoon Experiences in Mexico

Taste tinga de pollo, chilpachole de camarón, chile en nogada, dulce de camote con guayaba and other authentic Mexican dishes with our Traveling Spoon hosts across Mexico.

Host Ricardo Traditional Oaxacan comfort food made with fresh local produce Share a meal with chef Ricardo and his welcoming partner Antonio in their Oaxaca cooking studio. You can expect mouthwatering dishes such as memela (slightly thick corn tortillas served with pork and local cheese). Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Hosts Marcela, Elsa, and Andrea A contemporary take on Mexican homecooking with a mother and her daughters Join Elsa and her daughters Marcela and Andrea in Puebla for authentic Puebla-style dishes that feature seasonal and local produce. Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Sofia host Traditional Yucatecan cuisine in a homey atmosphere Enjoy authentic Yucatecan dishes like empanadas de chaya con queso de bola (pastries flecked with a local green, chaya, stuffed with Edam cheese) with host Sofia in her beautiful Merida home. Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Manuel host Authentic Mexican cuisine with a modern twist Try authentic Mexican dishes like sopa de elote con rajas con crema (corn soup with creamy poblano peppers) with professionally-trained chef Manuel in Puerto Vallarta. Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Alex and Ale Homemade modern Mexican cuisine Enjoy modern Mexican cuisine with Alex and Ale in their simple yet vibrant apartment in downtown Mexico City. You can expect to eat mouthwatering dishes like enchiladas (corn tortillas rolled around a savory meat or vegetable filling). Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Mariana and Geraldine hosts Authentic and contemporary Mexican food with award-winning chefs Share a meal with professional chefs Mariana and Geraldine to experience delicious dishes such as chiles en nogada (stuffed poblano chilis). You will eat at Geraldine’s home in the upscale neighborhood of San Angel, Mexico City. Book your private experience today. Learn more.