Discover the homemade food of Malaysia

Here are some of the best home-cooked dishes that you don’t typically find in restaurants. View our hosts below with whom you can share these authentic Malaysian foods.

  1. Assam udangAssam Udang

    Translating to “tamarind prawns”, this Peranakan dish is a rich, sour and spicy red gravy with a hint of sweetness swimming with shrimp and best eaten with steaming hot rice

  2. Assam laksaAssam Laksa

    This sour and spicy tamarind-based soup made with rice noodles, mackerel, fresh herbs and ginger flower bud, is famous in Penang and a signature dish of Peranakan cuisine, a combination of Chinese and Malay cuisine

  3. Nasi lemakNasi Lemak

    This favorite Malaysian breakfast consists of rice cooked in coconut milk and fragrant pandan leaves, wrapped in pyramidal banana leaves and served with boiled egg, anchovies, cucumber, peanuts and sambal belacan

  4. Kerabu kacang botolKerabu Kacang Botol

    A Peranakan speciality, four-angled beans are tossed with sambal belachan (a blend of chilies, shrimp paste, lime juice, sugar and salt) and sliced ginger flower bud, shallots, lemongrass and toasted grated coconut 

Traveling Spoon Experiences in Malaysia

Taste assam udang, assam laksa, nasi lemak, kerabu kacang botol and other authentic Malaysian dishes with our Traveling Spoon hosts across Malaysia.

David Host Flavors of authentic Nyonya cuisine in George Town Learn about Nyonya cuisine (often composed of sauces made with coconut milk, tamarind and curry pastes) with David in Penang. David is passionate about sharing his knowledge with guests like you. Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Rainer and Gladys Hosts Homemade Malaysian meal in Kuala Lumpur Rainer and Gladys are friendly hosts with a have great appreciation for Malay cuisine and culture. Enjoy traditional dishes like nasi lemak them in their Kuala Lumpur home. Book your private experience today. Learn more.