Discover the homemade food of Italy

Here are some of the best home-cooked dishes that you don’t typically find in restaurants. View our hosts below with whom you can share these authentic Italian foods.

  1. Zucchini RipieniZucchini Ripieni

    Zucchini stuffed with meat, herbs, breadcrumbs and cheese served in a rich tomato sauce

  2. PolpettePolpette

    Italian meatballs typically made with ground beef or veal and flavored with garlic, parsley, parmesan and eggs

  3. Pasta CarbonaraPasta Carbonara

    Made with eggs, cheese, pancetta and black pepper, this Italian pasta dish is simple but soulful

  4. Carciofi alla RomanaCarciofi Alla Romana

    Roman-style artichokes is a typical household dish with a buttery texture and flavors of garlic and olive oil

Traveling Spoon Experiences in Italy

Taste zucchini ripieni, polpette, pasta carbonara, carciofi alla Romana, and other authentic Italian dishes with our Traveling Spoon hosts across Italy.

Daniela Host Authentic Italian Cuisine in Rome Enjoy dishes like carbonara, chicken cacciatore, and tiramisu in host Daniela’s classic Roman apartment in the center of the city. Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Marcella Host Roman and Tuscan cuisine with an expert home cook in the Garbatella neighborhood Taste an authentic meal with dishes like spaghetti carbonara, Umbria-style chicken, and ricotta pie with Marcella in her beautiful Rome apartment. Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Mirella Host Tuscan family recipes with an expert cook in Florence Experience authentic Italian cuisine influenced by the Renaissance period with host Mirella in her charming home outside of Florence. Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Giovanna Host Traditional Bolognese meal with a loving Italian mother Join host Giovanna for a typical Bolognese meal in her Bologna apartment. You can expect mouthwatering dishes like Bolognese pasta with “salsiccia” made in the surrounding countryside. Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Pio Host Create your own homemade Bolognese pasta with a professional pasta maker Learn to make traditional Bolognese pasta with Pio in his Bologna apartment. You’ll choose either tagliatelle, tortellini, or passatelli pasta and then will cook the sauce. Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Anna Host Learn to cook Italian seafood with Anna Share a meal with Anna, a travel lover who has been around the world, in her Bologna apartment. Anna loves preparing fish dishes in a Mediterranean style with a Bolognese touch. Book your private experience today. Learn more.