Hong Kong

Discover the homemade food of Hong Kong

Here are some of the best home-cooked dishes that you don’t typically find in restaurants. View our hosts below with whom you can share these authentic Hong Kong foods.

  1. Bai qie jiBai qie ji

    “White cut chicken” is a dish that has its roots in the Guandong province of China. This succulent chicken dish is poached in a broth of garlic and ginger and served with a scallion-oil dipping sauce

  2. Egg tartEgg tart

    A vestige of nearby Macau’s Portugese history, egg tarts have become a dominant food of Hong Kong and come in a shortbread or flaky puff pastry that can be found throughout the city

  3. Guandong zhengyuGuandong zhengyu

    Cantonese-style steamed fish is typically made with minimal ingredients, scallions, soy sauce and ginger only, and the freshest of fish, to bring out the natural flavors of the fish

  4. TangyuanTangyuan

    Typically eaten during holidays and family reunions, this is a glutinous rice flour ball typically filled with ground black sesame seeds and served in a sweet sauce

Traveling Spoon Experiences in Hong Kong

Taste bai qie ji, egg tart, guandong zhengyu, tangyuan, and other authentic Hong Kong dishes with our Traveling Spoon hosts in Hong Kong.

Grace Host Traditional Cantonese cuisine with a celebrity chef Enjoy traditional Hong Kong dishes like soy braised chicken with host Grace in her modern cooking studio in Hong Kong. Book your private experience today. Learn more.