Discover the homemade food of France

Here are some of the best home-cooked dishes that you don’t typically find in restaurants. View our hosts below with whom you can share these authentic French foods.

  1. Boeuf bourguignonBoeuf Bourguignon

    This classic dish originating from Burgundy is made with beef braised in red wine (traditionally from Burgundy) with onions and mushrooms.

  2. Poulet rotiPoulet Roti

    A simple dish that is often cooked at home for many a Sunday dinner, the roast chicken dish is a French classic usually accompanied by a delicious “jus”.

  3. Tarte tatinTarte Tatin

    A classic French dessert that originated from the Tatin sisters, this upside down cake is made with fruit caramelized in butter and sugar.

  4. Blanquette de veauBlanquette de Veau

    A delicious classic “white stew”, this French veal ragout dish is traditionally finished with onions and mushrooms

Traveling Spoon Experiences in France

Taste boeuf bourguignon, poulet roti, tarte Tatin, blanquette de veau and other authentic French dishes with our Traveling Spoon hosts across France.

Lise Host Bastille Market Tour in Central Paris Explore one of the largest markets in Paris and enjoy authentic French meals with Lise, a cooking instructor who is passionate about French cuisine. Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Françoise Host Learn to make authentic cheese soufflé in a private Paris home Try tarte Tatin and many other traditional French dishes with host Françoise in her antiquely decorated apartment in Paris. Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Fabienne Host Beautiful home-cooking with a lifelong Parisian Enjoy an authentic Parisian experience with host Fabienne in her cozy apartment. You can look forward to a mouthwatering canard à l’orange, as well as many other authentic dishes. Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Stephanie Host Traditional French Home Cooking and Local Market Tour First wander around Stephanie’s local market and pick out some of the freshest produce available in Paris. Then enjoy classic French dishes like boeuf bourguignon in Stephanie’s chic apartment. Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Marie and Florent Hosts Gourmet French cuisine with a professional chef in Saint-Ouen Enjoy impeccably crafted boeuf bourguignon and other authentic dishes like dessert crepes with professional chef Marie and her husband Florent in their Parisian apartment. Book your private experience today. Learn more.

Anne Host Boulangerie tour and croque monsieur cooking lesson on a rooftop in Montmartre Enjoy the classically French croque monsieur sandwich with host Anne, a cookbook author, in her elegant Parisian apartment with stunning views of the sacré-coeur. Book your private experience today. Learn more.